Everyone that has covid19 will be requied to identify themselves by wearing a 6 pionted gold star... Failure to wear the star will get you sent to a FEMA camp with the sick and/or disobedient, amirite?

Your family will be escorted to a decontamination room where they will be stripped nude and hosed off by some guy named steve. Steve isnt a doctor but he volunteered for this job so he must be the best fit. After telling steve for the 3rd time your genitals are clean he escorts the rest of your family into lock down. Where education and production is halted with no seeable end in the future. As you die, alone ,quarantined from your family your last thought is at least i didnt hurt anyone else with my terrible disease and guilt overcomes....

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too soon

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oh we are headed there, but this star will come in chip form in the covid vaccine,

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Funny how once you say jesus's name you lose credibility in the eyes of some people... Some people worship evil but dont belive in good....Anitchrist is not one person...its an incorrect idea infecting millions

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