God meant for humans - and humans only - to wear clothes, amirite?

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True but i dont see anything wrong with dressing a dog in a sweater🙂

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Oh well too bad Goddy my chihuahua needs her sweaters and coats when it be coal outside !!

@Dont disrespect God by saying Goddy.

The Godman. The Goderino. Godzombo. Godzilla. The ModGod. The God with the Bod. God in a Bucket. God. Go Trump !! The greatest Goddy of all time !! More Goddy than Goddy !!

@Dont disrespect God by saying Goddy.

Who made you Goddy ?!! Go Trump !! In Goddy We Trusty !!

no, adam and eve sinning made them aware of their nakedness and thus why we have clothes today

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ad hominems gets you no where

@Anonymousmouse ad hominems gets you no where

It's pretty good with butter and bacon bits.

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