lockdown is NOT proven to stop the spread, wearing gloves, masks and early testing has proven to be more effective, amirite?

-italy first infection January 31 full lock down 12% death rate, over 2000 cases per million
-Sweden first infection February 4th, NO LOCK DOWN: 6% death rate, under 700 cases per million, no requirements of masks and such
-Japan first infection January 16, no lock down, 2% death rate. 23 cases per million, they wear gloves and masks
-S. Korea first infection January 20th, no lock down but heavy early testing and quarantine of the infected, 1..7% death rate, 196 cases per million

seems like ALL the countries NOT locking down and bowing the the UN is doing better, then what media wants you to think, so why are we running like headless chickens repeating what our media is saying? do your own research people,

end the lock downs do early testing, quarantine the sick, do early testing, and make everyone wear masks,

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lockdown until they can test everyone in this big big big country like ours that lagged way behind because of a dumbo leader.

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