19 covid. Why isn't it 20 to match the year? And what about all the covids before 19-why didn't we all get sick at 16 17 18?? amirite?

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

It got popular in 2020 but it originated in 2019. And there's a good chance you got covid 16, 17 or 18 because most corona viruses are just a basic cold. They do still kill though, in a good year respiratory infections kill maybe 15 or 20k in the US, in a bad year maybe 70 or 80k. I mean, the death rate mostly comes down to the fact that people have to die of something. Usually what happens is somebody's health has deteriorated to the point they're just kind of hanging on, then they get a cold and it pushes them over the edge. You could say it was the cold that killed them, but in reality it just kind of finished the job. There are also a few outlying cases where young, seemingly healthy people get absolutely nailed by a flu and die, but they're relatively uncommon, mostly it's older people with serious underlying health conditions.