If an important person that lived long ago did something that got them wiped from the history books, we would have no idea, amirite?

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Romans called it damnatio memoriae

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While this has totally happened, these unknown events usually aren't wiped from the history books, their stories just don't survive. We have like .0000001% of all ancient documents. Paper falls apart and monks can only copy so much.

You know what is crazy? A lot of history is unknown to a culture simply because it isn't translated. There are a bazillion Chinese documents no English-speaking person has read. Likewise, there are many English stories that only a few Chinese people might know.


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Red colour is called red because it's red in colour.

History is written by the winners

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@History is written by the winners

Not so. The Confederacy stills lives, babyyy!

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@History is written by the winners

History is written by the historians.

@History is written by the winners

After they kill the losers... Scary that history is made by the surivival of a populations most savage psychopath s

Marcellus Blasius for one

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Yes and lots of unimportant nobodies get remembered in history books too just because they were at the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time.

So your saying that Doom Guy is real but the Bible eventually lost his story right

Only about 2% of animals make it into the fossil record. Think of all the dinosaurs we haven't met!

Hopefully someone will wipe this shameful period of american history from the books

Other times the only facts we know are written by people that hated that important person.

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