After working for a "charity", the world seems a much more horrible place. After seeing people with their own offices take the majority of revenue. amirite?

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You know what they say.... the world sucks so do drugs it won't change anything but you'll feel pretty groovy about it

That's why right now you can't spit without hitting yet another "hero".

They all want a piece of the action.

So true, tons of celebrity charities are the same way just lining their pockets since they fell off the movie map. Dolly Parton makes over a million off her charity annually and only like 10% actually goes to those in need.

"I deserve this. I work hard."

@Radiwve "I deserve this. I work hard."

Was told the office owner had his Aston Martin because he just wanted one and "went to get one like it was a 10p Freddo"

That's how charities work.

There's good money in cancer...lets not mess that up by giving out the cure for free

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