"Grow a pair!" (show some courage, act like a man) is a plea to the weaklings and pushovers but there is no call for anyone to "Act like a woman!", amirite?

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It's the old stereotype that men are supposed to be strong and only women are supposed to show feelings. I'm trying to think of a situation where you would ask someone to woman up. But I can't so I guess you're right!

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"Put on your big-girl panties!" a smilie

That is just one example of the ingrained sexism that still exist today. Masculine is strong, competent, able, etc... Feminine is weak, helpless, emotional, etc... You should "man up" and stop acting like a "little girl". A strong person "wears the pants" and has "brass balls." This kind of commonly used language is so ingrained we rarely even notice it. But there's no reason why we have to continue doing so. If a woman can have "brass balls" then a man can have "steel ovaries". And if "wearing the pants" symbolizes strength, dominance, power, etc...then why not "wearing the stilettos"? Pants are the easiest and most comfortable item of clothing we wear. High heels are the most uncomfortable and difficult to wear item of clothing ever invented! Pants are for pussies. Real men wear high heels. hehe smilie

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I use "man up" with men and "woman up" with women. Works fine for me.

As a woman that is probably a good thing