It is important that we track down who started the false claim that masks dont help...millions of people trusted those reports and put them self in danger...we must know if they lied to us to secure their own safety or it was an honest mistake...because if they did mislead us and put us in danger we need these people removed and imprisoned for their crimes agaist all of humanity, amirite?

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Technically masks won't help you. They help the people around you. So, since we live in a me-me-me era, of course some will say masks are useless.

@Toounknown What is a mask???? The lesson is cover your fucking face holes....period

And mask are doing what? Opening them up? Masks do exactly what they're supposed to do.

that would be the WHO and UN who said that, those NWO organizations need to be dismantled and everyone working in them, for them or sold their country to them needs to be tried for treason against earth, and make them be the first group of people to populate mars

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