The word "bipolar" is redundant - the definition of pole already entails the existence of 2 poles. amirite?

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stripper pole

No, a pole entails the existence of one pole and only one pole.

Poles means there is two or more.

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you can have more than 2 poles and you could only have one, but yh, 2 is the most common

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Leave my mental illness alone please and thanks

My deceased nephew's wife is bipolar, but I swear she is the daughter of Satan. I've known other bipolar folks who were/are really nice folks, but sheesh, not her. Fortunately, we never see her again, which is fine with us.

Catch me bouncing netween 4 moods!

Makes sense to me. I said!!.. It makes sense to me dammit!! That felt good, but now I'm bummed out..

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