If you die young you are still luckier than your ancestors which were dying way earlier, amirite?

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In the Middle Ages, the infant mortality rate was so high that when it was calculated into life expectancy, it would significantly lower it. Typically if you made it to about 13, you probably had a chance too make it into your 60s or 70s.

This isn't actually true.

Average life spans were lower in ages past because of high infant/youth mortality. But if you lived to the age of 5, you had generally the same lifespan as people do now.

And people who died before the age of 5 weren't the ancestors of anyone.

What sorcery was that

You really sound like some super depressed teenager right now and i hate it!!! I understand how the darkness is there and death is so close , you were finally brave enough to feel safe in school and now you cant go ...i get it its crazy...every young person feels like age is this huge obstacle and its gard to survive but thats bullshit.... Survival is easiest as it ever was and things are safest... But it easy to sell death and fear and manipulate us into this survival mentally all for nothing... For sone reason when i was 17 i thought if i made 18 i was lucky....but then i said gee if i can only survive till 21 ...next it was 25... But looking back you realize there was little to fear...because we are currentlyh living in the best of times and dont you fucking forget it....and if your not young, desregard this....

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