The letter Q is O with an erection, amirite?

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And your Q face is when you make an O face and stick out your tongue.

Does not matter what kind of tail
Tail is tail

You have cursed me

You might need to see a doctor

same goes for R and P too

Y is a V doing a handstand using its erection

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Must be a fat person. Probably can't see their erection with that overhang.

Q is an O after see you

O MY. The only thing between them is a capital P

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If that's what your erection looks like, best you go get checked out bud.... Just to be safe.

Or O has a tail and just turned around

I always saw it as more of a clitoris.

Interesting angle for thenQ, but carry-on!

More of a semi.

No, O is the female and Q is the guy with a flaccid penis

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"You're just a Q."

"Q? Why Q?"

"Because you're a giant 0 with a small PP."

Better lose some weight, just about rendered useless.

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