Since Greenland refused to sell their land to the U.S. at President Trump's request, and it's mainly the east coast of Greenland that Trump mainly wants, Donald Trump should try again, but this time- offer to purchase the land all along the east coast. A land portion narrow like Chile. Greenland would more likely- if not absolutely 100% agree to sell that land portion to the U.S. since the remaining mainland of Greenland would still be present and independent AND Greenland could STILL use the money where and how they want to in Greenland, amirite?

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Have you considered that Greenland just doesn't want to sell their land?

Go England! Go Jeremy Clarkson!

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Not necessarily any of their land. They just don't want Greenland as they know it, to go down in history. Which won't be the case if only a portion were sold and for many times their Gross Domestic Product.