You are more then the worst thing you ever have done, amirite?

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unless your conservative and going for public figure of any kind, then even if you 5 years old, then your life is ruined. if you say you don;t support same sex marriage wen your 16 you'll lose your public figure position or position in the government simply on account your conservative (this actually happened in Canada).

but if your liberal, doesn;t matter what you have done, black face when your 30 years old and multiple times, bah its no problem, grope an underage girl when she is your student? yeah thats ok too. hit a news reporter on her breasts? yup again no problem, (if you don;t know yet who i am referencing, its justin Trudeau Canada's Prime Minister).

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@can you ever let your politics go? ever?

can you stop being a brain dead troll ever?

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@Anonymousmouse can you stop being a brain dead troll ever?

look how you plaster your bitchin all over this site. it's old. it's tired. it's crazy. it's unproductive. it's selfish. real selfish. you are not that important.

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@Toounknown We are here to discuss not ignore

Some choose to never discuss a thing like your friend who turns everything into a libertarian rant.

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