All pickles taste like cucumber but not all cucumber taste pickle, amirite?

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Unless it's a pickling of a non cucumber vegtable. You can pickle onions, peppers, a lot of other things too.

Radiwves avatar Radiwve No Way +11Reply

This is wrong. I think you have something wrong with your tastes buds.

dankXDs avatar dankXD No Way +9Reply

Quantum Physics right here!

Anonymous +8Reply

I do t think you know what NSFW is

@Ludox I do t think you know what NSFW is

To be honest, I don't either. What is it?

All pickles taste of vinegar, not all pickles are cucumber is what you meant to say.

Anonymous +6Reply

How is this NSFW?

@Vindicare-jjl How is this NSFW?

Because was naked when I think this

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