If dogs could talk it would do wonders for people's self-esteem. Cats would destroy it. amirite?

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For all we know, cats do talk.

Chances are they just don't see any point talking to *us*.

Cats: "I love you. Let's cuddle ... oh wait, did I just say that? No f you ~slaps~"

Well, my cat it's really nice, actually, so he wouldn't.

@Nice to your face, you mean.

No, he's actually nice to everyone. He let you pet him (his stomach included), never hurts me, he stays with people all the time and he gets depressed if he doesn't have someone to take care of (he had to adopt another cat so he could take care of him).

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@yourneck Well, my cat it's really nice, actually, so he wouldn't.

My sister's cat was like that. He knew right from the start when I moved in that I was his buddy. He was a sweet old boy, but very shy. Like your cat, he loved his stomach being rubbed, and didn't mind one bit if I rubbed his fur the wrong way - he was a sweet old soul. Sure miss him.

You'd talk to a cat if you needed to know the truth, though.

yup, I have both

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Cats do not care about you unless they need something from you.

So you just got another teenager.

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@Ok boomer

So close, not boomer.

Thanks for playing, what has he won Johnny?

You win a lifetime supply of Rice a Roni.

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