Most people don't realize the 2o2o pan demic is a planned depopulation event, amirite?

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Google ‘Georgia Guidstones'. OP is on to something.

Tinfoil hat

Most people don't realize the difference between an "o" and a "0"

Then why go to the extremes of destroying your own economy and induce a global recession if you could just let the population thin itself?

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most people arent crazy too

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@most people arent crazy too

Ever watch the president speak?

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@Ever watch the president speak?

Ever watch Pelosi speak?

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@most people arent crazy too

Every single trans person has mental issues

Ah yes, It's all coming together.

I think you forget how much the money elite make off each of us... Plus they need yiur adrenaline filled blood when they rape you and drink your blood...they way these animals kidnap rape and murder they are scared tbey will run out

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