Nobody ever talks about the calm after the storm, amirite?

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I think the reason the phrase "calm after the storm" exists is because people do in fact talk about it

Was out on a solo canoeing trip on the lakes of Quetico Park in Canada and one afternoon the water went completely calm and still. Luckily I was close to a scaleable piece of shoreline so I got off the water, tied down the canoe, put up a tarp and huddled underneath with my gear. What followed was a three hour storm that could only be described as "biblical". Lashing rain, fork lightning hitting trees that then burst into flames before being put out by the rain and falling over, howling wind. Most terrified I've ever been.

My point: the expression "calm before the storm" exists for a reason... After the storm it's more relief than anything!

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Prolly too busy cleaning up?

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