The Toys in Toy Story must have seen Andy jerking off at least once, amirite?

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He woulda got the dinosaur to help but his arms were too short

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Or he used the toys in more adult ways they were never meant to be used

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There's jizz in my boot

He probably jerked it over Jessie at some point.

@KilljoyX He probably jerked it over Jessie at some point.

God now I can't get that image out of my head, he also probably did it with Bo Peep

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@Radiwve What about barbie?

Well that would've more been Andy's Sister and I don't think you want to get into that

This should be the plot of Toy Story 2,5.
And most of the toys are terrified and don't get what's happening, except for Mr. Potato and The Piggy Bank (whose name I forgot) who are watching and jerking each other off.
And Woody is depressed cause he understands that from now on, Andy will prefer porn over his toys, that means he's growing up etc.

If you hear me out there, just make it a short movie. It'll be far enough.

Suddenly mildly disturbed that his favourite toy was Woody

Nice you've ruined my childhood just a bit...

And Bo Peep.

To infinity and beyond

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