Sex is the main reason why the world exists. amirite?

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The world would entirely exist without sexual reproduction, just without most animals and some plants, but the planet, as a hunk of rock in space, would be fine

It exists so life can live on it, and sex creates life. But sex is just a means to an end to have life.

Other way around for humans, sex is why the world won't exist. (Overpopulation of humans)

Love is the reason the world exists. Sex/procreation it's various forms , is why it continues.

there would only benplants and asexual beings and thjngs that are not alive but they dont count tbh

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From my own experience sex doesn't make kids...ive done it hundreds of times and nothing...babies are myths

@you're not doing it right.

Male orgasms are the highest level of selflessness ever...we hold it in, pull it out and sacrafice our pleasure for safe sex...so don't tell me im doing it wrong im just obeying the ridiculous expectations of women


Its not getting sex that makes the world go round.. probably why Einstein regretted making the a-bomb ..he was all built up with ball juice love .. made the bomb, got money , got laid for the first time probably and said wait i dont want to blow the world up now that i got ass..but it was too late

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