It is physically impossible to dig half a hole. amirite?

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Tell that to my dad

According to the spec, you're not done yet.

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What if you dig a whole hole the fill half of it?

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@What if you dig a whole hole the fill half of it?

There should be a branch of mathematics devoted to this

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Unless the hole you dug was already a half dug hole, in which case, you already have half dug a hole, which means you either dug a half hole or half dug a hole without digging half a hole.

Well its possible cause you can just throw something into the ground so the hole will be full but there will still be half of the hole around it

Golf holes on the green are supposed to be 4 inches deep so if I come upon one while playing that is only 2 inches deep I don't care what anyone says some dumb greenskeeper fucked up and dug half a hole!!

This is like the does a straw have one hole or two holes conversation

Good point

If the hole has to be 6 feet deep, and you only dig 3 feet down... Then you've only dug half way.

Half a hole is obscure. But I think half "the" hole is possible.

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If you dig a hole you dig a whole hole. If you don't dig a hole you dig zero holes. Therefore, between zero hole and whole hole could be 1/8 of a hole, 33/65 of a hole, etc which means 1/2 a hole is possible. So there. 😜

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