For some reason things that are good for the environment cost way more than normal. amirite?

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Just like healthy foods usually cost more than cheaper foods and why certain communities have fast food restaurants all over the place but less access to cleaner healthier food. The things that matter cost more.

It's only because the less green methods don't have an industry large enough to provide an economy of scale.

Either because they are avoiding it or green methods being less efficient economically.

Not sure which one is true there.

It's why Teslas cost an asstonne for what they are, only a few manufacturers are putting any capital in. If every manufacturer saw some profit in producing electric cars there'd be more competition which would ideally push price down.

We will do the green thing when it's the cheap thing. Money always beats ideology in the end.

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Eating no meat, and no meat replaces, a few days a week.

@Vindicare-jjl Eating no meat, and no meat replaces, a few days a week.

Hey bae. Did didn't inow you wuz here. Smooch. I love you.

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What about walking

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It's planned that way. That's why there's a push to "go green" and "eat healthy" and all the other crap they want to convince you of.

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