"Son of a bitch" is a common insult but nobody ever says "daughter of a bitch", amirite?

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Because it's redundant

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It's too wordy. That extra syllable feels very long.

KikiIsMemers avatar KikiIsMemer Yeah You Are +12Reply

Personally I use son of a bitch, and daughter of a bastard.

Sybersonics avatar Sybersonic Yeah You Are +11Reply

Sounds better

A Bitch is a female dog. The Daughter of a Bitch is a Bitch. Its redundant to call someone a daughter of a bitch, when you can just say bitch

Ggezpzmuppys avatar Ggezpzmuppy Yeah You Are +6Reply

I agree with those who said that daughter of a bitch feels too long. I think from now on I'm going with kid of a bitch instead. Same length, more universal application.

daughter of a bitch is too long

Anonymous +3Reply

Biology 101...because a bitch is a female dog, the daughter in question is also a bitch.

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