You belonged to Sodahead once. amirite?

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Yes. I was Cedardoor there too. I don't miss sister Jean one bit.

Yep, and I was Beachbum there, too.

beachbums avatar beachbum Yeah You Are +8Reply

what's a soda head?

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@what's a soda head?

A chatsite that closed down in 2015.

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Yes, I was Lil Princess on there as well

Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess Yeah You Are +7Reply

...and I'd go back in an instant if the place was ever revived as it was before ownership's cowardly exit

glertzles avatar glertzle Yeah You Are +5Reply

Nope, but I am from second life.

Yup, and I was Buzzwald Juneberry then, also. Who were you, maybe we've talked before?