Theres this girl who's boyfriend abandoned her and was a jerk. The boyfriend did an AMA where he described the girl (his ex) as crazy and clingy without mentioning any stories. A lot of the stories we hear online are misconstrued in the posters favor, but everyone believes them, amirite?

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i'm leery of the one that always sounds like a victim in their stories.

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@glertzle don't be leery... actually listen

you do that and you get sucked in to someone messing with your head. no thanx.

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In one ear and out the other. Don't believe anything on line.

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I tend to believe otherwise. The poster almost always posts his or her position so I automatically assume the role of the judge: I wanna hear all the evidence. And you know mostly comes of this? It's youth being youth. That's all. This is why I hated being a parent.

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Hold up someone explain what in tarnation is an AMA???

Every fairytale has two sides. Sadly you are righ, people tend to believe one side without all the facts unless it all gets publically displayed.

Is the poster legit maybe or maybe not..

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