According to you, is it normal that the teenage crisis lasts up to twenties especially for a boy. My son,a college student doesn't obey or respect his parents any more, is coming home late in the night and breaks all the home rules, Last week, he decided to wear old denim hot shorts all the time ,He is lazing out and often skips his classes , Naturally, his grades are appalling. What, a responsible parent who pays totally for his tuition,can do. Is it advisable before urging him to leave home ,to use as a last resort some forms of corporal punishments like spanking or strapping to help him to amend, amirite?

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did you ever think that he isn't ready to go to college? Is he going because that is what you want him to do? Let he him be himself and do what HE wants to do. Don't force him to be something that you want. Stop paying for college. Stop buying his clothes. Stop paying for his car. Stop buying his food. Stop giving him money. He will very fast figure out the way to get money is to get off his lazy ass and go to work.

Sir, I don't understand what you mean by« gummi bears», Please explain me that expression and your own strategy, Thanks alot!

Ask him where he gets his gummi bears....

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