Your allowed to go to a gay club with aids..but not covid, amirite?

Huge difference in survivability

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You can't possibly be that dumb.

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@You can't possibly be that dumb.

I bet you get aids before u get covid

You don't spread aids just by being around people...

@Toounknown But the consequences are deadly ..unlike covid

Untrue. People can live a normal lifespan with Aids with medication. Covid can kill within days of getting it. 97k in the US alone have died in 2 months from it.

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WOW! Yeah, I guess your right there....never thought about it, but...yeah..

@and you are that dumb...oh well

The point here, is that there are many things among us much worse than corona, and we deal with them on a daily basis, but we don't get all panicky and hide under rocks. You are freaking out over a fucking flu, thinking the world is ending. There are more serious things to worry about other than what politicians tell us to worry about. Let's talk about dumb, idiot......

@Sadly misinformed.

You know..when the nazi s tortured and experimented on prisoners they gave birth to modern medicine

@and you are that dumb...oh well

Care to elaborate on stupidity, cupcake?