Your smartphone is more advanced than the computers that landed a spaceship on the moon. Technically, your phone can land on the moon. amirite?

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I don't think you understand what the word "technically" means

Shut up. Please shut up

It'd need a very large slingshot, but yeah.

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Yeah just waiting for my phones thrusters to get here from amazon

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Yeah if it pisses me off hard enough, it might land on the moon

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You're far more advanced than early humans. Technically, you can bite through animal bones and climb any tree out there.

"Hey Siri, go land on the moon."

I'm more advanced than a bee; a bee can fly, so I'll be ok jumping off this building, right?

I think that would be a cool project, to create an app that, if you plug your phone into a compatible spaceship, could actually calculate and fly a course to the moon.

And when i accidentally sit on my Samsung, my moon lands on my phone

Nah i think you massively misunderstand the statement

Me: Throws phone at moon at 4am
Phone lands on mars
Me: well that ain't treu

I mean, so could most things if you throw hard enough

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