Calling a female "lady" is considered rude, but calling multiple females "ladies" is considered polite. amirite?

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It depends on the context and tone of voice to determine if it's rude or not.

Apologies for a misunderstanding, my way of looking at it was actually speaking to the person and calling them "lady" in a rude tone, but I never looked at it as a reader, such as calling them a lady indirectly or saying m'lady, etc.

It isn't rude. It is the opposite.

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Tbh my neighbors dog is named lady and it really has me using the word more than any other time in my life. Don't call girls lady.

I greet my friends with "hey lady" or "what's happening lady" all the time. I think it's definitely about tone and context whether it comes across as rude.

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Also , calling a single lady a female....problems

All depends on tone and context.

why is calling a lady a lady rude? its not rude

@Anonymousmouse why is calling a lady a lady rude? its not rude

funny story however, my brother has a dog named lady. lady had gone into the neighbors property (on an acreage), so I went up calling her name quite loudly, there was the owner of the other property right there, she thought i was yelling at her, lol. who names their dog lady?