Ok ...sit down.Honesty im on the toilet.. But sit down..Ive been seen as selfish for suggesting that the pre existing susceptible folk need to show super extra precaution...how ever.. I just thought..maybe just maybe ..that half a formed baby fetus is worth trying to save..because i understand your hardship of raising this deformed baby ..But even i see your right to abort... How are the old and vulnerable different???from these helpless struggleling 4 life human baby fetuses..but maybe these babies can survive.. If you sacrafice ur livelihood.. Or just kill them before they ruin your picnic, amirite?

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ruin a picnic? please don't leave the toilet. you need to flush yourself down before you spew any more shit.

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You're such a fucked up individual.

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@Toounknown We all are

no. you stand alone in the douche department.

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