Usain Bolt is not that fast. He runs 28mph while the average human runs 22-25. amirite?

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the average human almost never runs.

"Based on more real-life data from more than 300 million runs uploaded to workout app Strava in 2018, the average running pace across the globe is 9 minutes and 48 seconds (9:48).". that equates to near 6 mph

Bruh who tf is out there running at 25 mph? Where you gotta go man?

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Can OP run the average speed?

I'm not going to race him, that's for sure.

That's still around 25% faster. Its pretty goddamn fast

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See him coming at ur house

Shid faster than me

im usually in pretty good shape, but when i was at the peak i could run 20 KM/hour not MPH. USAIN Bolt is faster then the most of us by a long shot

Well, I can't out run him, so...

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