Truth is revealed by people working together to discover truth, not one person declaring truth. amirite?

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Truth starts with one person declaring it. Others look into it and also say it's true. Eventually it becomes actual accepted truth. Unfortunately there is a ton of propaganda and hearsay that is believed as truth by one side of society because they can not relate to the other side. A great example of this is the base of "white privilege" white people are said to not understand the blacks. But the blacks don't understand the white side either and are propagated to believe whites have a privilege they don't. When in reality poor whites have the exact same issues as poor blacks. The biggest difference is there are tons of foundations and programs available to non whites to help their standing and accelerate a better future for them without going completely out of their future pocket to cover then entire cost of that education. This is a false truth but is widely believed so then it is declared truth when in reality it is not.

so if ten people got together and said 2+2=10 does that make the 1 person saying 2+2=4 wrong?

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