Someone in history had the biggest dick of human existence, but didn't know it. amirite?

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Some believe his coming has passed, Some say the mesiah has yet to come

Rasputin has entered the chat

@Proxymoto 30 seconds after his dick did

Ahh, he already has a half chub, I see.

optsyns avatar optsyn No Way +9Reply
@optsyn Ahh, he already has a half chub, I see.

"God help you all if I get aroused."

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The worlds largest penis is only 2 inches… from the ground.

Literally me

@Killerzac Literally me

Pics or its not real.

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Someone probably has a dick length that comes in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place multiple times a day.

I'm sure he had a pretty good idea

Of course I know him, he's me.

Mcgee0s avatar Mcgee0 No Way +9Reply

Oh. I know it.

It may be short but it sure is skinny.

Anonymous +8Reply

I'm white, so probably don't need to call Guinness...

No, it was Long Dick Johnson. He had the biggest dick by far. Long Dick Johnson worked as a three-legged man at the circus. Long Dick Johnson would wrap it around his waist and use it as a belt. Long Dick Johnson made John Henry's winkler look like Andy Dick's clit.

He proba ly had a hunch.

He probably had the idea.

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My dick is only 2 inches long... but 15 inches wide. Its like a cheese wheel, it may not get the back but it sure gets the sides.

Oh, I know it.

Anonymous +6Reply

Nah, I have known all along. So don't believe anything my wife has to say.

Anonymous +6Reply

Someone also took the biggest poop in human history without knowing it.

Yeah, the guy using his dick for a belt would definitely be surprised to learn that...

Mr. DeVito is well aware of his legendary status, as a matter of fact.

Aww, c'mon guys, stop talkin' bout me....gonna make me blush....

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