If you live far away from an ocean your ancestors were probably running away or got chased out of town. amirite?

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Or from a river

Or you just decided to live far from the ocean.

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@Or you just decided to live far from the ocean.

People didn't just do that. Fish was plentiful, interior is harsh, unpredictable and a hard life. People left the coast for reasons. Also probably.

@"People didn't just do that." They might not have before, but they do now.

True. This is more for people living in places that they grew up in and have generations of family there.

Damn mormons.

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Or river Delta

You might be onto something here, as life started in the oceans and the first land animals would likely settle down near it...

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I'm a white dude in Georgia. I'm pretty sure my ancestors were the ones running folk off. And no, I'm not proud of that.

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