If everyone suddenly followed every law, it would probably lead to an economic collapse. amirite?

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Wait, don't leave me here, buried in the sand.

If everyone actually paid the taxes they owed we'd have enough money for free space travel.

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Not only economic. Many things rely on illegal work.

True. I'm sure there is plenty of dirty money holding massive amounts businesses floating.

Major companies and 1% people's empires would definitely take a hit. But as we know, in this country, rich people don't have to follow laws.

Mind explaining?

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@Rabupabu Mind explaining?

Perhaps something in the lines of "the informal economy is the oil in the machine"?

@Rabupabu Mind explaining?

Considering all the jobs that are linked to upholding laws, lawyers, police and whatnot, money collected through fines and everything. At least it would lead to a great ripple in the economy due to lost expected income, and a lot of jobs becoming suddenly redundant.
Of course in the long run it would lead to something a lot better, I'm just thinking about the sudden shock.

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