You know you are comfortable with someone when silence isn't awkward anymore, amirite?

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Or farts

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I'm comfortable with my grandpa, but silence is still awkward after 30+ years. He's really nice too

Maybe I'm just awkward. I think that's it

I am actually more comfortable with silence than constant conversation with people I don't know very well.

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My brother and I have been in living room since around 10pm, it is now 4am and we have not said a single word to each other the whole time lmao. We haven't fallen out or anything, either. Comfort level you have with your family sometimes is amazing

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She hasn't said a word since I dug her up.

Soooooo true

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Can confirm. Serial killer.

For me it's literally the quite opposite

I just love sitting in silence. It tells me a lot about the person and the potential bond that I have with them. Simply enjoying each other's presence without the need for verbal expression. My love language for sure.

I make all silence and non-silence awkward

There's no silence anymore, to be precise

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