You've never heard a woman farting, and you never will. amirite?

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My wife ripped one a few hours ago

Im sorry, but i have multiple times lol XD

Dude please, most of my life im living with my mother and sister because my dad was at work, now my step dad is at work, im the only male in the house and i did hear that a lot


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I did and I'm confident I will again

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@I did and I'm confident I will again

I can actually suck air thru my ass

Your either a woman or an idiot who thinks women don't fart

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Incorrect, if they comfortable around you .. they unleash.

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Gen X don't care they just bomb

op has never met a woman and he never will

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I hear my girlfriend rip loudass thundering farts at least a couple times a week.

You're right
Because they don't exist

I could set the clock by my girlfriend's butt chimes.

Are you a 12 year old boy?

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