Your so happy by the little things now... We live in a world when we are greatful just to be "allowed" out... A world where our "heros" are the lazy fucks who hide in a hole for 3 months ..a world where the masses expect a leader to regulate personal health.. ...You see the relaxed people ,the ones who chose unemployment welfare checks over a minimum wage job, this world where you make more money ( in the usa) if you collect unemployment then we were paying our VITAL frontline grocery store workers ... THIS world where we beg to surrender our freedom, or suffer the beat down, amirite?

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I was happy with the little things before this all started. Sorry I would rather work a minimum wage job before sitting at home.

Said the things people take for granted and the expectations they have.

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@you whine at all times. who you kidding?

Yawn you bore me. Don't you have a bridge you need to be at....or wherever you trolls go

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