Only oppressors strive for peace, amirite?

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you are clueless to the issue at whole.

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@you are clueless to the issue at whole.

Im just trying to make a point about peace...peace from war only happens after you murder your enemies , otherwise its purpetual unrest... And in America you have to tolerate this unrest otherwise you are suppressing people causing death or oppression

The real kicker, is that the oppressed(those that choose to believe it).
Blame everyone but the oppressor( who does a good job of fooling them) and wonder why nothing ever gets done.

Meanwhile, the other part of that same group, who refuse to believe they’re being oppressed, work hard, live productive lives and get called names by the “oppressed ” because they chose not to play along with the twisted game.

The oppressors make stupid remarks, like “ If you don’t know whether to vote for me or Trump, you ain’t black”.
Sadly, they know they can make ignorant remarks like this and get away with it because some will never, or choose not too, wake up.