You can remove any letter in boat but it would still be an existing word. amirite?

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There is not any in boat

yaboigingas avatar yaboiginga Yeah You Are +12Reply

bo t

Anonymous +11Reply

What is boa

@Mcgee0 What is boa

Boa is also nice in portuguese

Anonymous +9Reply
@Iamalgend A snake

Also a scarf made of feathers

Mrnobody7330s avatar Mrnobody7330 Yeah You Are +10Reply

That was a close one

and Hannah is the same spelled backward as it is forwards.

you just took this idea from the guy who did "pear"

Itsjbuteras avatar Itsjbutera Yeah You Are +7Reply

whhhhhhooaaa!omg smilie

Anonymous +5Reply

You know, I couldv'e lived without knowing this.

Checks out, I double checked.

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