If Pokémon did exist in our world, then we would probably exploit the entire race of electricity Pokémon for free electricity, amirite?

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So, we all know that Carpador (In german) is useless af:D Thats the answer for fish, altoug in Series and Movies you can See normal fish like in Reallife swimming in the sees

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Wasnt gen 1 power plant run by electrodes

I would buy a Ditto to have sex with and eat every Pokemon

imaging forcing pain onto pikachu for electricity just to fap to some pokemon-furry type of porn.

Maybe not. Electric eels are already a thing, and we don't really exploit them.

Which one's would we eat?

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@dankXD Which one's would we eat?

Some Magicarp with fries, perhaps?

@Thenaturelover Some Magicarp with fries, perhaps?

I think there is a canon reference somewhere that they do eat Magikarps

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We are more likely going to be enslaved by psychic pokemon like alakazam lol

I mean, they do in Pokemon too.

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I like where your head is at.

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You mean instead of having them fight each other to the "faint" for our own amusement, like dogs or roosters?

I'd have about 15 digletts.