Criminals usually feel like victims, amirite?

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That depends on the day.

Yes, we can look to the man in the oval. Trump is the perfect example.

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Yea, they're out in the streets making idiots of their selves.

(Think of a whiny girly man voice)
"We don't like walls, Trumps making me cry because he wants to put up a wall".
"We don't like having to produce an id to vote".

The idiots take over 4 blocks, the first thing they do is put up walls and check peoples id, when they enter.

Now they're out of food because homeless people stole their food.
Pretty sure they're feeling like victims right about now.

I'm waiting for Pelosi to bring them food and kneel down for them or maybe Al Sharpton can parachute in with supplies..

Because of this stupid bullshit....Fact- gun sales going up....Fact...more people signing up as Republicans.

Keep it coming lefties, last time it was all about a woman getting elected, you thought there was no possible way for Hillary to lose.

You gave up on the woman agenda and started the racial agenda back up.

Maybe one day you'll figure out that just because someone doesn't agree with you ,that doesn't make them a racist....or you can just keep calling everyone but your group a racist and see how that keeps working for you.

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