Think about all the color-face acts in TV and cinema that don't require any form of apology. amirite?

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What are you referring to? I don't think any "colour-face" should happen.

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@What are you referring to? I don't think any "colour-face" should happen.

Make up...plus sun screen...i feel its culturally inappropriate for black poeple not to rub all their suntan lotion in on their face ...the white residue makes me feel like their mocking me

White chicks ☕️🐸

@Johannheidar90 White chicks ☕️🐸

Once i saw that movie i realized is all black people want is too be able to be racist like the white man used too... The only way they know they won is if the commit the acts wrongly committed agaisnt them... Not real blacks but the fake antifa "blacks" who are white but "know"...A very insensitive movie that will be erased when you finally learn what racism is

Blackface is never acceptable.

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@Blackface is never acceptable.

except for when it's not a blackface and is still called a blackface because people are stupid and change the meaning of the word

All of them, unless you easily catch a case of butthurt.

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