Rock and roll is officially dead, amirite?

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Been dead for over a decade.

Why did I read Rick and Roll

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As long as there are rock bands touring and selling out stadiums, I don't think it's dead lmao.

I'm officially becoming musically necrophiliac.

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@I'm officially becoming musically necrophiliac.

I hear you, Very few new songs today can hold a candle....

Rock and roll will never die.

rock and roll ain't noise pollution

The last time I checked my heart was still beating like a Rock and Roll Beat and I am not dead yet!

I think all music died about 15 years ago.

Rock and roll will never die. If you are comparing it to rap and hip hop, rap and hip hop songs fade out after a couple years to a decade, but look at rock bands that have been touring for 30-40 years. I want you to look back 10-20-30 years at rap and hip hop bands how many are still touring

Not dead for me, I still have plenty of it to listen too.

Me keeping up with music( if that's what you can call it) they make these days, died years ago for me.

Most so called bands these days, wouldn't make a pimple on a street performers ass.

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