Coronavirus TREATMENT?
Medical experts are now saying that based on current studies by comparing the number of Coronavirus cases & deaths and their blood types, people with type-O blood are not only least likely to be at risk of dying from the Coronavirus, least likely to suffer severe symptoms from the virus, but ALSO least likely to even become... believe it or not- infected by the Coronavirus! If true, then type-O blood transfusions should certainly CURE most people infected. Reminder: Type-O blood transfusions are safe for anyone, no matter their blood type. Amirite?

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Quite a break through if it pans out.

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This just proves we all need to handle diseases the best way personally...there is no way the same response is gonna work for everyone...thats why lockdown should have been voluntary

and remember the government is aLL LOVING AND CARING AND WOUL DNEVER EVER FABRICATE FAKE events to make people fear, Hitler was not a bad person, he never used or created crisis to gain power