Public gathering at any Donald Trump rally during the Coronavirus pandemic were a careless, ignorant, foolish, fateful decision with devastating consequences and Donald Trump's decision to go through with the rally confirms Donald Trump's disregard for reducing the spread of the Coronavirus, the health of the people, social distancing and survival of the Coronavirus pandemic, amirite?

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It's better to be outside than in. Most protesters wear masks also. So no, there is nothing good in having all those people for a rally inside.Cute waiver tho...I guess Trump thinks his followers should believe in a democratic hoax that is gone because of the warm weather. Maybe they can throw some Clorax down their throats just to be on the safe side.

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@It's better to be outside than in. Most protesters wear masks also. So no, there is nothing good in having all...

But Al Sharpton is O.K. to have a rally the day before that, You're a fucking hypocritical dick. Now shut the fuck up.

There’s no concern for protesters spreading it.

What’s good for the goose....

but the riots are ok right?

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@Anonymousmouse but the riots are ok right?

Maybe they think they’re safer by burning things down.

funny how riots and liberal protests are safe and praised but small bsuiness or anything republican is "too dangerous" how stupid are people?

So I guess Al Sharpton's gathering should be treated the same?...No?...Hmmm...Same place..one day before... Yeah... FUCKING DUH!. Suck dick Liberals! (And I only capitalized Liberals out of respect for you....) Ass holes!

Maybe he knows the virus is hardly a threat ...i think he handled this " mental pandemic" beautifully in the face of consistenly wrong expert information, trump doesnt listen to experts because they are worthless, they just say " we dont know " ...well i knew..he knew....also we have had plenty of anti trump protests with people ignoring lockdown , endangering the elderly they mooch off of. ...Face it we do what we want in America if you dont like it ...its time to leave

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