Its a beautiful day... And im driving down the road enjoying the sceanery alone..im on my way for ketchup for dinner.the sky is cuerlean and the high grass is an orange yellow, the high grass loves the sun so much it spends all its energy to grow towards the loving nurturing sun only to be strecthed thin and dryed out but this yellow grass looks happy , i quickly snap out of my daydream as i am driving and i was staring at that grass way too long.the world is beautiful everything is great...Then at the store i see the sign "masks are mandatory" on the door and i remember why i was angry, amirite?

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I’m at work , no ones wearing a mask....
They’re not burning, looting, or being a racist either.

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@dontcha think this is beating a dead horse? lol

...If only the fucking horse would die....Get it?

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@dontcha think this is beating a dead horse? lol

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it.
They won’t shut up about it, so I can’t either.
Is there racism? Yes.....is it as bad as Biden and company would like everyone to believe it is ? , no, nowhere near it.

I go by real life, not what msm and celebrities with an agenda, want me to believe.

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Sadly after not wearing one for a week and a half while on vacation...I have to go back to work today to start wearing it again.

I had to wear one when I took my daughter to get our nails done and wasn't very happy but I did it.

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