The difference between Boomers and Zoomers, is we rallied peacefully for equality and love and peace. And the cops beat us down, but we won. The Zoomers, are rioting violently for equality, if they can call it that, and the cops are letting them. They only win a burnt city and a divided nation. Sad, the stupid kids today don't know how to do it . BLM, Antifa, you suck at what you do. Now your time is up. Civil war is at hand, and you will face the ultimate defeat. You fucked up. amirite?

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i want to eat your ass

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The war won't end until they kneel. And I mean the George Soros' buy-outs. You all know what I mean. Defeat the billionaires that are funding the overthrow of our country. If anyone thinks that the war will be waged on peons like BLM, or Antifa, you're stupid. That will be dealt with by the citizens of the U.S. No problem. We all pack. Easy. We need to take out the puppet masters. It's game on.

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They're being allowed to let this stupidity continue.

Trump isn't going to send in troops and take the blame for that, he's waiting for "Summer of Love" to crap her pants , when she finally gives in and begs him to send in help.
Nobody in their sane minds would want these people in charge.

Let the snake eat itself, then go for the head.

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well said

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Boomers and zoomers is definitely the name of the next Phish tour

@Toounknown Boomers and zoomers is definitely the name of the next Phish tour

The civil war has begun. They started it, now it's unavoidable. Sadly, but it is so.

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