If you don't want your kids to have / do something you might be better off not having / doing it yourself, amirite?

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This is a great username.

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@This is a great username.

I like the name so much that I adopted it too!

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Well, maybe, ...maybe not. Sometimes kids get rebellious, and do the opposite of their parents. I drank and smoked pot. Of my six kids, five of them don't drink or smoke weed, and none of them smoke cigarettes. Hard to say, just gotta raise 'em right, I guess. Be in their life and they will make the right choices, in time.

that is true most of the time, my dad when i was a kid was a smoker, he didn't quit till I graduated highschool i don't smoke. when I was a kid i liked the smell and asked if i could try a little bit, he let me, that cured me forever, never will i smoke, ever since he let me try i hated the smell

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