All posts, comments and replies by all anonymous contributors are not to be taken seriously, folks. We're obviously speaking tongue in cheek so lighten up, amirite?

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I was raped by an anonymous once

Kinda difficult to take someone without an identity serious.

You never know if you’re talking to Moe, Larry, Curly, Joe or Shimp.

@so who are you?

I believe he is DandyDon….lol

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@so who are you?

I’m a green square with black stripes.
When you talk to me, you might not personally know me, but you know to associate certain things with me because I have a username and a picture.

How should I have any idea of who I’m talking to, when it’s 20 people that have the same picture and anonymous name?

hehe smilie I just love funny post especially those that make me laugh out loud

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