We all should be able to read, write and speak english in this country. Here's why.
I use to work in mining construction and was alarmed at the use of overseas workers who couldn't read or speak English. These workers worked beside us. The problems became apparent when accidents occurred, some fatal because directives given at prestart meetings were not understood. It seems we have the same problem with social distancing and lock down or self isolation rules.
For this country to run effectively it is imperative we are all on the same page. Too many of us don't understand English. amirite?

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Stupid question I suppose but why the hell were these people who know no English hired in the damn first place??

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If a sign says " Don't look at the laser, you'll burn your eyes out" and I don't know how to read it, I guess it's on me, to walk around the rest of my life with a tapping stick.

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